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Barcelona Chamber of Commerce Signs 4 Year Renewal

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The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce renews its commitment as Strategic Partner to the MIT-Spain Program by signing an additional four year agreement. The focus of the 4-year project will be to promote business internationalization and visibility of the MIT-Spain Program in Spain with an emphasis on consolidating and furthering the links the Program has created with Catalonia.  To this goal, MIT-Spain will award “La Cambra Fellowships” to MIT students who choose to work with entrepreneurs in Catalonia.  Moreover, MIT-Spain will seek to organize events both at MIT and in Barcelona to bring the business and entrepreneurial community of MIT and Barcelona together.

MIT Emerging Technology Conference (EmTech) to be held in Spain

MIT’s EmTech Conference turns to Europe, chooses Spain and lands in Málaga to celebrate and showcase the world’s most potent emerging technologies in the first annual EmTech Spain conference. For two days, national and international business leaders, academics, technology specialists, investors and entrepreneurs will gather to discuss and analyze the future of emerging technologies and how they will change our day-to-day lives.

    • The conference will be held on October 26th & 27th 2011 at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos of Málaga.
  • MIT-Spain partners are entitled to discounted registration fees. For more information contact

50 Spanish companies, research institutes and university labs host MIT students in 2011!

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MIT-Spain Internship Program Now Recruiting

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MIT-Spain matches more than 50 students annually with professional internships and research with leading companies, universities and research institutes in Spain. The program is open to all MIT undergrads, graduate students and recent MIT alumni.  Here are testimonies from some of our host institutions:

“One of the best parts of the MIT-Spain program is that it is not just a short-term internship but it also opens the possibility of long-term collaborations.  We still collaborating (both online and throughout short research stages) with some of the students we had some years ago. This is a clearly a win-to-win relationship.”

“I appreciated the strong interdisciplinary background and open attitude of the MIT student that worked with us.”

“MIT-Spain’s candidate has been an outstanding intern. He was extremely capable technically, thanks to MIT’s thorough education.  He demonstrated excellent communication skills and integrated seamlessly in the group’s environment.”

Contact us to learn how you can host a student from the MIT-Spain Program.